Who are we?

Welcome to cc Labs Inc. We are a security consultancy focused on helping organizations test their security controls and understand risk around Mobile (IOS/Android), Application and Network security via penetration testing. Working with some of the smartest people in the information security field and loving every minute of it. If you need security testing performed or if are looking to add senior level resources on a subcontract capacity we can help you get the results that matter.


What can we do for you?

Mobile Security Testing

Application Security has evolved into a world of mobile applications. CC Labs provides mobile penetration testing for Android and IOS applications using a blended approach that combines web, forensics, and reversing.


Application Security Testing

Deploying a new application into the wild and not sure if its ready for production? CC Labs can take a deep dive into your application, map out its weak points and discover hidden vulnerabilities that lean critical data before they are discovered by attackers.


Hardware Security Testing

Deploying new hardware into your environment and worried it may introduce vulnerabilities? Developed a new technology or product and worried it may contain security issues? CC Labs can perform hardware penetration tests to uncover issues within your custom hardware.


Social Engineering

CC Labs offers testing of the human element of security known as social engineering. Various elicitation and guided exploitation techniques are used against the organizations employees to facilitate an attack against the organization.


Network Penetration Testing

Need to check if your internal and external network footprint is safe from attackers. CC Labs can provide both internal and external penetration testing to determine your weak weak security controls which may allow an attacker to pivot through your network and gain access to critical resources.


Other Security Needs

We can provide senior level penetration testing support or R&D work in other areas, please reach out and lets chat about how we can help you.


We would love to work with you!
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